Welcome to Our New Website!

Greetings Beloved PFLAGers!

Welcome to the first edition of our new, 21st-century styled website! We've now offer more content, more links to resources, and more visibility into the Austin chapter happenings! Over the next several months we'll be adding additional content, layering in more SEO tools, loading better connections and links to our social media pages, and tweaking all the minutia until we have everything just right.

Tell us how we're doing. Do you like the simplified design? Is it easy to view and navigate on all your devices, and do you like the content we've included? We want to know if something isn't working, but we also want your letters of praise and awe since we've toiled through long nights and have been jumping up and down with excitement behind the scenes because we were so eager to roll this out to you!

If you have comments please send them in using our Contact page.

Can't wait to hear from you!! OH! And don't forget to 'Like' this post or share it using the buttons below! :)