The PFLAG Austin board meets on the second Sunday of the month from 1:00-3:00 pm, usually  at OutYouth.  All PFLAG Austin members in good standing can attend and observe.  Email info@pflagaustin.org for the meeting's location.

There are are no costs associated with being on the board, but each person is required to be a member in good standing. Board meetings are open to anyone with an interest in PFLAG, although visitors/non board members are not allowed to lead the conversations or participate in voting.

We hope you join us at a board meeting soon!

PFLAG Austin Board of Directors


President: Bonni Erizo

Vice President, Operations: Anna Nguyen

Vice President, Membership: Masha Leah Dina

Treasurer: Frank Portell

Secretary: VACANT

Communications Director: Masha Leah Dina

Membership Director: VACANT

Member-at-Large, Georgetown Meeting: VACANT

Member-at-Large, Cedar Park Meeting: VACANT

Member-at-Large, South Meeting: VACANT

Member-at-Large, Float: VACANT