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Be Yourself

This booklet offers a supportive and understanding approach to today's most common questions and concerns from youth regarding sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. With youth coming out--and disclosing--at younger and younger ages, BE YOURSELF has never been more important. The publication also includes an up-to-date list of resources, including hotline numbers, other organizations, and more.  (PDF file - 41 pages)

Our Children

This booklet is for families and others about what to do when a loved ones comes out. Full of useful knowledge, helpful tips, expert opinions and first-person stories, OUR CHILDREN--which has a focus on sexual orientation and gender expression--is a must read for anyone looking to learn more about how to support LGBTQ loved ones...or looking for support for themselves. (PDF file - 36 pages)

Guide to Being a Straight Ally

This guide will help you understand how straight allies fit in the effort to achieve equality for all. Learn more about what it means to be a straight ally and get some great tips and tools to being more supportive of your LGBT friends, family, and colleagues.  (PDF file - 52 pages)

Our Trans Loved Ones

Our Trans Loved Ones: Questions and Answers for Parents, Families, and Friends of People Who Are Transgender and Gender Expansive. Our Trans Loved Ones is a brand-new, updated resource. Written by PFLAG staff members, and created with the help of content experts, reviewers, and PFLAGers with experience to share, it is full of information, first-person stories, and expert input geared to those who have a loved one who has come out as trans or gender expansive.  (PDF file - 102 pages)

Guide to Being a Trans Ally

This booklet will help you learn more about what transgender means, develop competency around talking about the issue, become better informed about the challenges that many trans people face, and know specific ways that you can be a strong trans ally.  (PDF file - 74 pages)

Faith in Our Families

Discovering that a loved one is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender can pose new questions about your faith and may prompt you to re-evaluate beliefs that you previously took for granted. By using personal experiences, this publication provides examples for reconciling your faith with the knowledge that a loved one is gay. This publication includes an updated list of gay and lesbian religious and spiritual groups to watch out for. (20 page PDF)

Be Not Afraid

Be not afraid – help is on the way! straight for equality in faith communities aims to move the way we understand our religious beliefs and our relationships with LGBTQ people – and support for equality – away from the either/or, “love the sinner, hate the sin” framework and to a place where people can try to understand that you can be a person of faith, loyal to your religion’s teachings, and someone who supports their LGBTQ friends and family.  (PDF file - 44 pages)

Safe Schools

Are you ready to be an advocate for safe schools for all kids? Start here, with this publication created to give you the tools and resources you need to make sure that all kids have access to education in a safe and supportive environment. For too many of our children, attending school can be a frightening experience. And for parents, teachers, counselors, administrators, and other trusted and concerned adults, providing a safe environment for young people can seem like a daunting task, especially when dealing with the issue of how to make not only classrooms, but all school facilities, more welcoming for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer students.  (PDF file - 26 pages)

Nuestras jijas

Preguntas y Respuestas para los Padres de Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Transgénero de Jóvenes y Adultos. (PDF - 23 páginas)

Se Tu Mismo

Preguntas y respuestas para jóvenes gay, lesbianas, bisexuals y transgéneros. (PDF - 25 páginas)

Nuestros Seres Queridos Trans: Una Nueva Traducción al Español

Estamos muy orgullosos de anunciar el primero de nuestras nuevas traducciones actualizadas en Español de todas nuestras publicaciones nacionales de PFLAG. La miembro de la junta Isolda Atayde lidera el...  (PDF - 82 páginas)