PFLAG Austin offers 4 free support groups to Austin, Texas area parents, families, and friends of LGBTQ people. Whether it is a family in distress because a member just came out, a coworker announcing a gender transition, or someone who has questions, PFLAG Austin is there for you.  We educate the community through outreach at public events such as PRIDE and LGBTQ related events. We encourage acceptance in schools. We make our voices heard to politicians in the city and state capitol.

To continue with our non-profit mission we need your support.  PFLAG Austin is an officially IRS recognized non-profit group and all of our Austin staff are volunteers.  We offer many ways for you to donate.  Donations are handled through PayPal.  PayPal's secure site handles the transaction and provides a receipt.  We never see your credit or debit card number.  If you don't have or want a PayPal account just select to "Pay using your credit or debit card". There are no PayPal fees to you.  Thank you for your donation!

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Eagle Scout Project: Beatrix

Hi, my Eagle Scout project is to make self-soothing kits for PFLAG Austin. PFLAG Austin has 4 free support groups a month for LGBTQ+ people and their allies. I learned about these kits in DBT (Dialectical behavior therapy). The items in the kits (such as stress balls, candles, chocolate, bath bubbles, coloring books, etc) can be used to help a person become calmer in times of stress. My hope is that I can use the lessons I learned through my struggles to help others in my community.

I am collecting money to help purchase items for these kits. I have gotten approval to collect up to $2,050. I am also collecting items from my community to put into the kits. As the beneficiary of my Eagle Scout project, any money I have left over or additional money I receive will go to the PFLAG Austin General Fund. PFLAG Austin is a non-profit, with the 501c3 designation, and their tax ID is 74-2716444.  Thank you, Beatrix


PFLAG Austin is signed up with the PayPal Giving Fund for non-profits.  Normally, PayPal charges us a transaction fee of 2.2% but with this program they waive that fee. That means that PFLAG Austin will receive the FULL AMOUNT OF YOUR GIFT.   Using the link below to make a contribution of any amount and we receive the full amount of your contributions.   Once a month PayPal disburses the funds to us.  Your contribution can have your name or be anonymous.


Amazon will make a donation to PFLAG Austin each time you shop.  It doesn't cost you a penny extra and nothing for you to sign up for!  You use your existing Amazon account but bookmark this link and use the link each time you shop.  It is completely anonymous and we do not see any purchase information of any kind.  We get several hundred dollars per year just by people using this link!  If you own a business or are involved in purchasing for a business that could really add up for us!


If you have some items laying around the house, or from an estate sale, or business, then you can help out PFLAG Austin by selling them using the link below and designating a percentage of the sale as a gift to PFLAG Austin.

We are an Ebay registered charity and selling the items on Ebay using this link allows you to designate a percentage of the sale to go directly to us.  You get to choose the contribution percentage amount (from 10% to 100%). So it's a win-win: You sell items you no longer need and PFLAG Austin gets more resources to help us with our mission of helping people!